What is the SEF?

The Jon Curtis Student Enrichment Fund is the first program at Carolina wholly dedicated to supporting any student with a passion he or she wishes to pursue beyond the stonewalls of our university. Founded on the belief that with a rising tide all boats are raised, the Student Enrichment Fund provides micro funding for students to pursue personal, professional, and academic interests. Student Enrichment Fund (SEF) grants range from $200-$400 and are awarded without restrictions based on major, course of study, or academic department. No other program on campus provides this level of flexibility. Our grants are an investment made with the expectation that, through their experiences, recipients will expand their knowledge, get inspired, and then share that knowledge and inspiration with their peers. Best of all, as a Special Project of Student Government, students handle all of the fund’s operations and have support from Student Congress, the Carolina Union, and external grants for our development and operational expenses. As a result, we are able to forward 100 percent of all donated funds into our grant account, meaning that every dollar you donate goes directly to a Carolina student’s enrichment experience.In our first year we have sent nineteen students to fourteen cities across the country.

The Jon Curtis Student Enrichment Fund aims to allow Carolina students to bring outside learning from enrichment opportunities back to the Carolina community by providing grants to help fund these opportunities. In order to make the Jon Curtis SEF a sustainable project, we need your help! Please consider donating to this fund to support the creativity, passion, and interests of exceptional Tar Heels. Donations of any size go a long way in funding grants that make these incredible experiences possible for Carolina scholars. Of course, gifts to the Jon Curtis SEF are tax deductible, so donate today and enrich not only individual Tar Heels but the Carolina Family as a whole!